🐹 Welcome, zkSync Era Enthusiasts!

  • The newest airdrop-friendly meme coin that will take you and your portfolio to new heights! 🌐

🧀 Why zkHamster?

  • Guaranteed Fun

    We're serious but we do it in a fun way!

  • Community Friendly

    We've already rewarded our community with an airdrop! Those who hold Liberitas Omnibus NFTs are automatically eligible.

  • Meme Potential

    We believe in the power of memes! zkHamster adds laughter and joy to your daily zkSync Era life.

🎉 How Can Buy?

  • Pre-Sale

    If you want to make an early investment in zkHamster, you can get tokens from the pre-sale.

  • DEX

    Acquire zkHamster on DEX and contribute to our liquidity pool.

  • Airdrop

    Participate in our gratitude-filled airdrop program and earn free zkHamster.

🍰 Tokenomics

  • Total Supply

  • 60%

    community airdrop 🐹

  • 20%

    Presale 💰

  • 20%

    Marketing centralized exchange listings, bridges, and liquidity pools 🚀

🚨 Risk Disclaimer !

  • Remember, zkHamster is for entertainment purposes only. It is not financial advice. Please keep your wallet secure and enjoy the fun!

  • Are you ready?

    Welcome to the world of zkHamster! 🚀🐹💰